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Our mission


The world is open. source is open, and then why not photos? This is the moto behind photosocials. Being living in the competitive world advertisement is the unique key factor to sell yourself or your product. And those creative brains behind the advertisement idea.

So who are we?


We are Photosocials!
We salute the unique idea of Free Photos. And to support this, we are here with the Photosocials, a website for free stock photographs. We will be providing watermark free photographs for just $0. Yes... we mean it. Any photo on this site (of course of the available size) is free to download and use in your work. Any higher size requirements, customizations will need to be purchased. This is how open source world works, right? But we're sure that the free photographs will suffice your web advertisement/ blogging and graphics requirement in most of the cases.

The Team PhotoSocials


Aniket Samudra
A QA by profession and Creative Marathi Blogger, Story writer and an innovative Photographer.
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Deepak Shinde
A Web Developer/ Designer by profession and hobby Blogger and Photo-Clicker.
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Harshad Khandare
A Photographer, Writer, Creative Artist Harshad Khandare with his Poetry, Articles, Photography, Paintings.
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Pankaj Zarekar
"रंगुनी रंगात साऱ्या रंग माझा वेगळा! गुंतुनी गुंत्यात साऱ्या पाय माझा मोकळा!" Even being lost in the crowd I'm still different and free from all chaos of the world. I have my different world of myself, my wanderers friends, gusty Sahyadri winds, and my camera… a different chemistry altogether. Middleware expert by profession, a passionate photographer and an avid traveler by choice. Trekking and traveling are my prime hobbies. I have found out a unique way of relieving stress on weekends, away from the world of AC and the PC. Proudly born and brought up in Maharashtra – the land of the mighty Sahyadri ranges, with abundance of offbeat trek routes, the land having a glorious history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and land of more than 370 forts jewels. I have completed more than 60 treks and bike journeys overing almost 50,000km on the untrodden paths in Sahyadri and the Konkan region, encompassing almost every corner of the western Maharashtra region.
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Vishal Jagtap
An Industrial Designer by profession, Photographer and emering entrepreneur.
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Our History

PhotoSocials A FREE PHOTO portfolio-dum-download gallery! Anyone can download and use the quality photographs without any copyright issues.
Marathi Blogger Network A blog and website directory with more than 1000+ blogs connected to list and represent Marathi Bloggers work to the globe!
Marathi Greetings A FREE Marathi Greetings website with lots of Marathi Greetings, Wallpapers, Graphics and Ring tones to download.
Marathi Mandali A Marathi Blog/ Portal for Marathi Bloggers/ writter to show their creativity to the world.

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